"Recently, after a more than a year of selection and training, we stood up a multi-jurisdictional SWAT Team in the southern Dallas area. We chose the INVISIO X50 control unit with the INVISIO X5 headsets for our tactical communications solution. We have been extremely pleased with the quality and performance of the system. It is built for the harsh demands of special operations environments, it is simple to use, and its dual com integration offers capability that is second to none. The situational hearing function is superior and the quality of communications, even while wearing a gas mask, is crystal clear. We would highly recommend this solution to anyone looking for the absolute best for their team."

-Assistant Chief Wayne Nero (SRRG Special Response Team)



"I received the INVISIO X50 and was not quite sure how this headset would perform in the field. I was very impressed with the INVISIO X50 throughout my testing period. I used it for 3 weeks of CQB and never had an issue. I have used multiple different bone mic type headsets and the INVISIO X50 is by far the best sounding both while transmitting and receiving. The sound quality is totally amazing. Additionally the feel of the ear pieces was superb to anything else I have used. There never was an issue with me as far as comfort goes. I was very impressed with the noise reduction while in the shoot houses. The headset totally cancelled out the high pitch gun shots. I believe that overall the quality and durability of the INVISIO X50 far surpassed any expectations I had."

-US Army SOF Operator, Ft. Bragg


"Out of three dual ear digital communication systems that we were evaluating in conjunction with the APPS program through Natick Labs, yours (INVISIO X50) was superior to the Nacre and Silynx systems. While all three are very good, yours seemed to have the best clarity and was easiest to use with minimal to no set up time. At one point during a prolonged covert cover mission for a large amount of cash exchange, I actually forgot I had the headset on because the clarity of the hearing and the comfort. One very important factor that convinced me that your controller was superior was that it used the radio power as a backup and didn't rely only on the battery in the PTT box. One of the other systems went dead on an actual mission because it didn't have a backup power source. Needless to say, I wasn't happy or confident with that system."

-Jeffrey M. Lentil, Trooper Massachusetts State Police Special Tactical Operations Team

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