Hearing Protection

For personnel in the field, the ability to communicate clearly in environments with high noise while protecting their hearing and still be able to retain situational awareness, is a tactical advantage and can be a life saver.

Soldiers in the field often experience very high noise levels that can impede the mission critical communication and damage the soldiers hearing. Hearing impairment is the most common injury for soldiers returning from active duty, combine this with risk of short term hearing damage due to explosions and the risk of mission failure is increased.

INVISIO offers a range of hearing protection solutions to meet the needs of demanding users in high noise environments. Hearing protection is available with both universal fit and custom fit headsets, with certified hearing protection.

For impulse noise such as explosions and gunfire which contain high frequency content, INVISIO delivers up to 45 dB of attenuation. For continuous noise such as aircraft and tracked vehicles which contain low frequency content, INVISIO delivers up to 35 dB. Headsets have certified hearing protection ratings of SNR 32 dB and NRR 29 dB.

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